To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Bozo's Pledge

Corporations are not people, greed is not good, money is not speech, rights are for all, and justice is our moral imperative.

No More GBT! End Government By Troll and the rest of our issues have common sense solutions.

Why is this important?

Our Democracy has been bought by Dark Money Trolls that hobble our government at a time of great threats and spiraling wealth disparity.

Hobbled government enables runaway climate change fossil fuel pollution, voter suppression, denial of women's health rights and clinics, cuts to food and education for poor children, public employee pension theft, hate speech in public forums and a host of bad laws intentionally passed to troll society.

Our government is hobbled by TROLLS. End GBT - Government By Troll and elect our future, empowering the People, from the neighborhood up. Think People.

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