To: Maria Blandizzi, UCLA Dean of Students

The Resignation Of The (USAC) Of The UCLA

Flagrant violation of Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, discrimination, and religious intolerance. The entire council should be relieved of their duty or resign.

Why is this important?

The student council holds beliefs that are completely contrary to their positions. Their actions and subsequent apology are proof they do not possess the qualities required for the position.


Reasons for signing

  • Ms Fabienne Roth Aryan German Swiss Blond Blue Eyed Foreign Student Challenges the Right of an American Jew to be on a Student Government Body in 2015??? Does she think, that that she's a Hitler Jugend representative in 1933 Nazi Germany?
  • This was anti-Semitic and disgusting. It would never be allowed to happen to a candidate of another other ethnicity or religion. The fact that these students can continue to serve in student government is wrong and incentivizes them to continue this discrimination. And anti-Zionism shouldn't be allowed to excuse this. That is just anti-Semitism by another name. I'm sure these students have no problem with how Palestinians are treated in Lebanon, Jordan or Syria. They just want to demonize Isr...
  • Yes, I'm in total agreement with the fact that there's an insidious amount of anti-Semitism in USAC. They should resign if found 'guilty' of unsavory comments and/or actions in this regard.

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