To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

The text of the TPP is now public; WA voters say NO!

WA voters want our congressional delegation to speak for We the People not We the Corporations. Say NO to the corporate power grab that is the TPP. Say NO to ISDS, the corporate kangaroo courts, that can decide what we must pay corporations to keep the regulations we rely on, that protect public health, the environment, and human and worker rights. We are paying attention.

Why is this important?

How could our representatives allow corporate tribunals to determine the price we owe investors when our health and safety regulations interfere with their profits? Do they really support a global corporate court system staffed by corporate lawyers with no ethical requirements of neutrality and no way to be reviewed, appealed or challenged in existing domestic court systems?
How could our representatives support an agreement with laughable enforcement measures for environmental issues when compared with the rights of corporations to profits? 13 leading environmental organizations [Sierra Club, NRDC & more ] have reviewed the TPP, and stand opposed. This agreement only talks the talk, doesn't require walking the walk.
Why would our representatives support an expansion of the number of American jobs going overseas? Or an expansion of the race to the bottom by allowing the importing of labor from other countries to the US without our laws and labor rights prevailing.
How could our elected representatives believe that an expansion of protection for patent medicines and biologics (and a resultant decrease in the availability of generics) is good for the public and for public health???
We, the voters, will know by your vote on this issue just whom you are representing, the people or the corporations.