To: All Extraterrestrial Civilizations

The Universal Peace Petition

We: the people of Planet Earth, call upon all extraterrestrial civilizations to help us rid our world of all weapons of mass destruction and put an end to the madness of war.

In return for this service we: the human race, offer our eternal friendship and pledge to maintain peace - throughout the Cosmos - forevermore.

Why is this important?

The purpose of this petition is to promote Universal Peace and mutually beneficial contact between Humanity and Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

Please sign if you desire to see Peace on Planet Earth and throughout the Cosmos.

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Reasons for signing

  • Also its not just about peace we need free world also. To many struggle and we need honesty and healing also loa energy water type healing thats also what i ask let are disired vision baord ideas come true also for true world peace. Some people have health issues do to gmo foods and trickery of this world those secret weapons and chemical weapons must stop also i pledge that we all are free individual oneness connected dont rule each other be there for one another and provide full healing u...
  • I am not for promoting the Military Industrial Complex and the money wasted, taking away technology that should had been ours 100s or more years ago.

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