To: Governor Gavin Newsom

The University of California Must Admit More Californians!

“Governor Brown: Due to decades of underfunding from the state, the University of California is now 'selling' its admission process to the highest bidder. Qualified California students are rejected in favor of out-of-state candidates who can pay a greater price for tuition. California families have paid to support the UC system all their lives, and it is only fair that our students get priority. Please increase funding for the UC system -- without increasing in-state tuition -- so more Californians can be admitted.”

Why is this important?

The University of California (UC) system was built by Californians to serve Californians and should continue to prioritize Californians. The UCs have been turning away record numbers of qualified California high school students in favor of out-of-state candidates who can pay a greater price -- “full freight” -- for tuition. Meanwhile, California families are struggling as income inequality hits record highs, and tuition at the University of California has increased more than 300% since 2000. Despite all this, the Governor refuses to prioritize increased funding for higher education.

While we recognize that including students from all over the country and the world is valuable to enhance diversity, the University of California must prioritize California families who have paid to support the system all their lives. Further tuition increases for in-state students is not the answer. The state, led by the Governor, must increase funding for higher education so the UC system can once again provide an affordable, world class education for all qualified Californians.


Reasons for signing

  • This is so wrong!
  • I am a UCB graduate, a Latina, a CA taxpayer and feel very strongly that our own state citizens should be given priority opportunities to enter the University systems of our own state.
  • This is simply wrong.