To: President Donald Trump

The White House should pay its interns.

We call on the White House to pay the interns it employs an hourly wage.

Why is this important?

Where can an adult work 50 hours a week for no pay in 2013? The White House Intern program.

According to the White House website, intern duties "include conducting research, managing incoming inquiries, attending meetings, writing memos, and staffing events." That is real work, Mr. President. It's not equivalent to a semester in college.

The White House internship program puts many on a fast track to leadership, but is only open to the children of the wealthy. No one can work 45 hours a week and then make enough to pay the high rents in D.C. It's nothing to be proud of. We can do better.

A federal court ruled correctly that interns for the film "Black Swan" should have been paid. We ask the White House to lead by example and pay all its employees.