To: Governor Mike DeWine

The Wrongful Incarceration of David Thorne

Free David Thorne. David Thorne deserves a new, fair trial. Please support our cause and sign today.

Why is this important?

David Thorne was wrongfully incarcerated in January, 2000 after being falsely convicted in the death of Yvonne Layne. He was implicated by a mentally and emotionally impaired man, Joseph Wilkes, after Joe was arrested and threatened by police officers. No evidence led to David Thorne except the coerced statement of Joe Wilkes, who has since recanted. Despite an enormous amount of evidence and numerous statements pointing to David's actual innocence, he remains behind bars. It's time for the truth to be told. We, the undersigned, support David Thorne's efforts to win a new trial in order to prove his innocence.