To: Deb Mell, Alderman, Chicago's Ward 33 and Langdon D. Neal, Chairman, Chicago Board of Elections

Tim Meegan should be allowed a run-off election against Ald. Deb Mell, one that is free & fair

Dear Chicago Board of Elections & Ald. Deb Mell, please do not oppose Tim Meegan's legal pleadings to have a run-off between the top two candidates (Mell & Meegan) in Chicago's Ward 33.

Why is this important?

Tim Meegan has filed a legal challenge to the results of the February 24 election based on illegal acts by the Mell organization and its supporters. Without those illegal acts, Deb Mell would not have broken the 50% threshold that allows a candidate to avoid a run-off. Tim Meegan deserves to have his support registered in an election without cheating.


Reasons for signing

  • yWNyy1
  • The Mell Machine will stoop to any level to secure a hold on Chicago. We want them all out!
  • Mell was electioneering and claimed she didn't know it was illegal. That was just at the two precincts I witnessed. Her canvassers also broke the rules multiple times until investigators and the police had to come out. There were complaints from voters about these violations as well.