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To: New York State Department Of Transportation

Traffic Light At 5 Mile Woods Road In Catskill

The intersection of New York State County Route 23 And Five Mile Woods Road is very dangerous. Drivers turning out of Five Mile Woods Road on either side could definitely benefit from a traffic light put in place there. Route 23 is on the list for being one of the most dangerous mountain roads in New York State. Having a traffic light at that intersection would help to elevate the safety of drivers traveling in any direction on that roadway.

Why is this important?

On Sunday May 28, I was involved in a three car accident on the intersection of New York State Route 23 and Five Mile Woods Road...Honestly one of the scariest days of my life. Approaching the intersection, a black BMW drove up next to me in the left lane and before I knew it, I was being completely ran off the road and basically thrown into the tree line. The BMW hit the driver side front of my car and pushed me right off the road. I took out a giant street sign and my car landed down the embankment and in the wood line. I am very luck that I didn't hit the guard cables, had that happened the accident would have been much worse. I honestly didn't know that there was a third vehicle in the crash untill after I was able to get out of my car. The third car that was involved was coming out of Five Mile Woods Road and going straight through the intersection. They did not have the right away but claimed they didn't see anyone coming. The BMW to the left of me hit the car crossing the intersection and then ran me off the road. Thankfully everyone involved in the accident was okay. I honestly feel that that intersection needs a traffic light. It would provide a more safer route when traveling in any direction within that intersection.



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