To: Allen ISD- Dr. Niven, Superintendent of Allen Schools

Trans student force to be called by other name at Allen High graduation

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Help transgender student graduate with integrity.

Why is this important?

A Transgender student Jay Alfie is a student at Allen High School. He is graduating this year and Allen ISD refuses to announce Jay during the commencement ceremony, instead calling out his Dead Name (legal name before transitioning). The parents have met with the appropriate people to try to get this resolved, but leadership in Allen ISD will not agree to announce Jay. Let's see if we can change their minds.


Reasons for signing

  • This is stupid. His name is his name, it should be a given that that's what he graduates with. It's depriving a young man of his rights. It should be considered harassment from the school board. Trans rights are human rights. You wouldn't call a cis male by a woman's name, why do so to Jay just because he's transgender?
  • Your just being mean for no good reason Let the boy use his name
  • Support our kids!