To: President Donald Trump and The Florida State House

Travon Martin

Travon Martin... An innocent young teenager... Shot three times with the intent to kill after instructed by Police not to do so.. Murder in the 1st Degree...

Why is this important?

Travon Martin a young black teenage male shot down in cold blood because of a thought not actual threat... Not one weopon did Travon have... simply only a bag of skittles and a can of tea.. Mr. Zimmerman has not yet.. Been arrested for this terrible crime.. Why so many ask? Who does he know or working for? 9-1-1 call is proof beyond a reasonable doubt... Travon died begging for his life... Three bullets... fired.. Not one... So this also proves according to statues Mr. Zimmerman intentionally wanted to kill Travon.. Intent to kill... So again my question is... Why is Mr. Zimmerman still walking as a free man..?