To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


Stop the Bullying on these Social Media websites for just being a Trayvon Martin Supporter.

Why is this important?

Those who are supporters of the defendant, George Zimmerman, have gotten out of hand in 2013. What they are doing is just outright harassment and intimidation. They have crossed the line with their rhetoric and intimidation. The supporters have continually reported their harassment and bullying and nothing gets done. Screen shots of their many Community Pages were sent to Facebook Corporate and HLN TV, nothing is done. Screen shots of Trayvon Martin supporter’s comments and pictures have been seen on their pages and are being used to harass, intimidate, and spew racial epithets. They are preventing us from speaking our 1st Amendment rights “Freedom of Speech” in attempts to make most fear them. It gets so bad that they scare people off these support pages. When we defend ourselves against them we are suspended between 1-30 days.

It's not enough that smear campaigns are being created by using social network Facebook in creating hate pages against the victim Trayvon Martin, threatening his family and badgering Witness #8 (ongoing). You have one person that I and most Trayvon Martin Supporters feel he should be investigated by the FBI for hate crimes against Black Americans. I have copies of his comments with racial epithets! We don’t even know if that is his real name. There is also a Facebook Community page where they gather to make plans to harass and intimidate us. They have spammed our post to from one page to their page to ridicule and demean us. They have continually harassed people, hacked peoples accounts, made fake petitions on by the same person who spew racist epithets, and others who may have leaked people's home address, people's phone numbers, leaked people's pictures, leaked kids photos, stolen pictures, created fake profiles, created fake Facebook Community Pages, edited people's pictures of the Martins, their attorneys, and have cyber bullied Trayvon Martin Supporters and their families. What is sad is about all of this is you can’t block them because Facebook community pages don’t have that feature to block. They feel they are invincible from being suspended and blocked by Facebook. They use fake names and profiles so we can’t find their original page to block.

I advocate in Domestic Violence and Rape and this needs to get people's awareness of what is going on in Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and etc. This needs to stop before someone gets hurt by one of them finding out our real address, that is a terrifying feeling. I have put statements on my Facebook Profile that it is against Facebook to spam my posts, pictures, and profile. I have shut them down completely letting my family and friends are the only ones to see them. Somebody needs to listen to us so they can put a stop to this. We tried writing Facebook Corporate and gave them 12 pages of screen shots and links. We have sent reports to the FBI via their link. No one is helping us. This is one more try to get Facebook and the FBI’s attention. This first Petition was up about this subject in 12/2012. We need to reach the Trayvon supporters to start taking screen shots, save them, save your messages and send them to us. I am hoping the news stations see who how horrific this is getting as the June 10th Trial is near. This has now gotten dangerous and the more we allow it, the more it's going to happen. We want worldwide attention. We want people from the outside to know our pain. The supporters of the defendant in the Trayvon Martin shooting have made being on Facebook an UNENJOYABLE experience. It is sad that one of the pages we like to debate on the author is If the News media, Facebook, or FBI would like to see these screen shots. You can contact me by using the twitter hash tag #FBBullying.

Update: Because of the latest events of Mark O'Mara, the evidence that has been released in the public media has gone viral! The Supporters of the Defense Team has used the evidence to harass and bully the Trayvon Martin Supporters even further whereas a Trayvon Martin supporter by copying and pasting this member's real name and address on the HLN In Session main Facebook Page. This has got to stop!


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