To: Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security and All local police departments that participate in the 287(g) program

Treat all immigrants like Justin Bieber!

The treatment of Justin Bieber has proven that an immigrant can make mistakes and not be slapped with outrageously steep fines by the justice system, or be detained and deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

We demand that ALL undocumented immigrants be treated the same way.

We're Beliebers that this form of justice will prevail and that this becomes reflective of the change President Obama promised us.

Why is this important?

Justin Bieber, Canadian teen pop music and heart-throb, has gotten himself out of some hot water in Florida.

At approximately 4am this morning, Justin was pulled over by police in Miami after he was caught drag racing in his yellow Lamborghini. After failing a field sobriety test, he confessed to having been consuming alcohol, smoking marijuana, and had taken some prescription pills. Subsequently, he was additionally charged with driving without a valid drivers license and resisting arrest.

After making a brief appearance before a judge, his bail was set to $2,500 and was released before a crowd of adoring fans who waited for him outside of the jail.

The Bieber experience as an immigrant who made a string of mistakes starkly contrasts what many other immigrants with different statuses in this country experience, particularly undocumented Latinos. Every day, police departments all over the country work together with ICE to maintain 34,000 beds in different private detention centers filled to capacity every day and night. The vast majority of those who are incarcerated in these centers before being deported are Latino, and many of them are in these centers for far less severe infractions than what Mr. Bieber did.

We at are profoundly inspired by the Bieber experience, as it shows that the justice system may in fact have a soft spot for people who make mistakes. We are calling on the Department of Homeland Security and all police departments to adopt this trend of treating ALL other undocumented immigrants as if they were Justin Bieber.