To: The Louisiana State Senate, Governor John Bel Edwards, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) rare genetic disease

Trimethylaminuria ( TMAU) is a rare genetic disorder disease that is painful and undiagnosed. The medical industry is just simply uneducated and unaware on how to treat this disease. Meanwhile there countless stories from people of all ethnicities, religions, ages, etc., many who are contemplating suicide because they just can't seem to move forward because of the bullying, harassment, and physiological effects. To authenticate our claims, just simply go to Youtube and type in (TMAU), or or science of us, and you to will be overwhelmed with countless stories of people who lives are being impacted by this disease.

Why is this important?

My reason for starting this petition is to bring awareness to a rare genetic disease called Trimethylaminuria syndrome. Because most Trimethylaminuria patients are being miss diagnosed by the medical community and or told that this is a Psychological problem. This chemical imbalance is real and exist in the lives of everyday people some who are which mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, etc. We are socially isolated, harrassed, physically abused and mentally abused as well. Some patients has chosen to end their lives in shame of no help. Most of us have visited countless doctors only to be turned away with no help. We have no life because of this disease and is isolated because of it. Please consider Trimethylaminuria as a medical condition and help us.