To: The Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, Rector, Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church

Trinity Church: Don't Arrest Occupiers, Offer Sanctuary!

With Occupy Wall Street facing a crackdown from the Bloomberg administration, the faith community needs to continue standing with the 99%.

Trinity Church, don't let the NYPD arrest any more people on your property -- offer sanctuary to Occupy Wall Street!

Why is this important?

Occupy Wall Street, having been violently evicted from Zuccotti Park, is desperately searching for a new home in Lower Manhattan. And Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church has a vacant lot just a mile away that could be an ideal location.

As a group of occupiers put it in an open letter, "We have asked the Church time and time again to grant us political sanctuary on their unused lands. It is time for Trinity to decide whether it is a Church or a real estate company. "

The group began a hunger strike on the site over the weekend, and Trinity responded by calling the New York Police Department and having the protesters arrested.

We've launched this petition to send a message to Trinity: It's time to offer sanctuary to Occupy Wall Street!