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To: FBI, President Biden, Vice President Harris, US State Governers

“Trump Inspired Death Threats Are Terrorizing Election Workers”

“Trump Inspired Death Threats Are Terrorizing Election Workers”

Our hard working voting personnel and voting officials have been and are currently being persecuted and given death threats by partisans and conspiracy theorists! For example: Tommy Gong has been receiving death threats for many months from Trump Conspiracy Supporters. He has been a hard working election worker for many years. But this year he’s decided to call it quits because of the constant abuse, and death threats he and his family are still receiving to this day from right-wing extremists trying to drive him out.
They even accused Tommy of being a communist from China!
He was born in America and I think this is a huge disgrace!!!
Another example is the Raffensperger family: They had to go into hiding for fear of their safety!! They received several death threats letters saying this:
“You and your family will be killed very slowly.”

“Keep opposing the audit and someone in your family will have an unfortunate accident.”

These election workers are being persecuted by Trump’s thugs and this needs to stop ASAP!!!
Mr Biden and Mrs. Harris, I appeal to your sense of compassion and am asking you to please put an immediate stop to the death threats and defamation of these election workers. They desperately need your help!
Make these conspiracy extremists causing this unlawful behavior face the consequences of their wrongdoing!

Why is this important?

It is very important to put an immediate stop to the death threats and harassment for two important reasons:
1) The 2020 Presidential Election was a free and fair election that did not have any fraudulent activity whatsoever. The numerous audits requested by Trump proved that it was fraudulent free and that Biden won.
2) These US Election Workers and Election Officials are being unfairly driven from their jobs by these Trump Extremists causing election workers to fear for their lives as well as their families lives. Besides receiving death threats, they have been harassed by these thugs by attempts to run them off the road, plus while driving they are being followed for 25 minutes.
Plus getting threats of being killed by firing squad, and also in 21 counties there were threats of bombing polling sites, telling election workers unless Trump is guaranteed POTUS, no one would be spared at these bomb sites.
As a result from the constant harassment, many election workers suffer from panic attacks.
All of this harassment is still going on today!
Fulton county’s election director, for 22 years, said, “ it seems like we are descending into a third world mentality. I never expected that from this country.”
So many election workers and officials are leaving their jobs because they don’t want to be constantly harassed while they do their jobs.
We need to stop this awful persecution ASAP!!!


Reasons for signing

  • Everyone has a right to vote the way they want and we are Lucy to have people willing to assist us. Shame on people who think they are privileged and have all the rights.
  • Our election workers are committed to ensuring that this country's backbone - the right to vote - is being fulfilled. The people who are making these threats are terrorists to our country, and need to be thrown in jail. We must stand up firmly now to stop this.
  • They operate just like organized crime!


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This should have been stopped by now!!! Why can’t this country’s head officials ban together and stop this Unbelievable criminal behavior NOW to help our voting employees have safe pleasant working conditions!!!!!!’

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