To: The United States Senate

Try U.S,. Senator Mitch McConnell for treason

We the undersigned demand that the U.S. Senate hold Mitch McConnell accountable for his actions and try him for treason.

Why is this important?

His openly stated goals and actions have and continue to show his behavior as treasonous. In his tenure, he has fought ANY bill that would restrict of reduce the number of jobs shipped to China including the continuance of tax breaks for outsourcing these jobs and all to his own benefit. His father-in-law is the multi-billionaire Chinese Industrialist, James Chao. During this time Mitch McConnell's net worth went from $4 million dollars four years ago to over $25 million dollars today. All from purposefully hurting the American economy to benefit his Chinese father-in-law's businesses and industries. That is treason.