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To: Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch

Twitch: Ban military recruitment now!

Twitch: Ban military recruitment now!

Young people from all over the world gather on Twitch to play games and build friendships. The use of advertising by the U.S. military violates military recruiting laws and makes young people targets for manipulation and deception by members of the military. Please ban all military recruitment from your platform and let kids have a safe place to have fun.

Why is this important?

The U.S. military is targeting kids as young as 13 while they play video games online. This is a blatant violation of military recruiting laws, which prohibit recruiting people under the age of 16, and is an insidious practice targeting young people who are vulnerable to abusive online advertising.

Younger people have not had a chance to develop the skills to properly evaluate the claims of recruiters critically and are vulnerable to manipulation, particularly online. We must act to protect kids in the places they go online so they are not subject to illegal and unethical recruiting practices.

Sign now and ask Twitch to ban military recruitment and protect younger users.



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