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To: Jack Talbot (HR) & Clarence Pauly (HR) & Bev Bokovitz (Chief Nursing Executive)

UC Health, its time to start caring for those that care!

It is a very likely scenario that nurses at UCMC may emerge from risking their own and their family’s lives caring for patients in the Cincinnati community during the COVID 19 pandemic, having lost pay and exhausting all of their paid-time-off.

In a time of uncertainty for their own safety, UCMC nurses need economic security should they become ill or placed off work.

Sign the petition below, tell UC Health, enough is enough and its time to do the right thing. Take care of their nurses and frontline health care providers by offering expanded PTO/Paid Administrative Leave for those put-off work due to COVID-19.

Why is this important?

Nurses at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center are risking their health, and their family and loved one’s safety to care for some of the most critically ill patients of Cincinnati infected with COVID 19.

UC Health says we lead the way, yet they are leaving their frontline health care providers behind.

Other Cincinnati hospitals are taking care of their nurses and frontline providers while they take care of you by granting them emergency PTO and paid administrative leave if they become sick or need to quarantine.

Instead of “Leading the Way”, UCMC has left its nurses behind to navigate the bureaucratic red tape of worker’s compensation, short-term disability, and the new and complex unemployment laws, while they and their family members are sick and quarantined.




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