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To: All Citizens


We, recognize the pressing issue of escalating juvenile crime affecting cities across the United States. The City of Rochester is not immune to this national challenge, experiencing a surge in carjackings, assaults, robberies, and the proliferation of gang activities.

In response to the urgent need for intervention, we propose the reopening of the Chester Carlson Metro YMCA in Rochester. This facility has historically played a crucial role in addressing societal issues by providing essential support, encompassing athletics, culture, and spirituality, to citizens of all ages.

Our community, both young and old, is currently underserved, lacking a center that can offer comprehensive programs to foster physical, cultural, and spiritual development. The revival of the Chester Carlson Metro YMCA will bridge this gap, offering the necessary facilities and programs to address the needs of our underserved citizens.

For decades, the Chester Carlson Metro YMCA has been a cornerstone in providing vital services to the people of Rochester. The closure of this institution has left our citizens without the essential resources and support they deserve.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call upon our fellow community members, YMCA executives, and other stakeholders to unite in support of this cause. By signing this petition, we express our collective plea for the prompt re-opening of the Chester Carlson Metro YMCA, reinstating a valuable institution that has served and enriched our community for generations. Together, let us work towards a safer, healthier, and more vibrant Rochester.

Why is this important?

The significance of reopening the Chester Carlson Metro YMCA in Rochester, NY lies in the fact that the closure of this branch has created a void for numerous residents of all age groups. Without this facility, there is a notable absence of a conveniently accessible location via public transportation, thereby requiring individuals to travel considerable distances to avail themselves of essential services and amenities. Reopening this YMCA is essential for restoring a local hub that caters to the diverse needs of the community, ensuring accessibility and convenience for everyone.




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