To: To NGOs, nongovernmental organizations, opposed to the corpocracy (see examples of NGOs in


NGOs, without giving up your own organizations, projects, and donors, we the undersigned petition you to unite under some umbrella network like a new U.S. Chamber of Democracy to end America’s corpocracy through strategically planned and coordinated legal, political, and nonviolent government reforms.

Why is this important?

America’s own worst enemy is its corpocracy, the Devil’s marriage between big business and our twin political parties. It is ruling and ruining America. Among advanced countries America has the greatest income inequality; highest unemployment; greatest insecurity over putting food on the table; lowest life expectancy at birth; and largest prison population (minus unaccountable corporate criminals). The corpocracy has also shrunk the middle class; catered to the wealthy elite; left millions of Americans without health insurance coverage; and has started endless, unwinnable, costly wars for profit and power that snuff out millions of lives, fuel terrorism against America, and sacrifice the general welfare.

Our nation’s founders didn’t like corporations or political parties. Corporations were not mentioned in our Constitution. The America today is not what our founders envisioned, and they would be horrified if they were to return. The Constitution was meant to promote the general welfare of the American people, not corporate and political welfare.

The corpocracy is extremely powerful and has powerful allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The corpocracy’s opposition is weak and divided. The only way to end the corpocracy is to unite its opposition. There are many NGOs with millions of members opposed to the corpocracy, but they are not united.


Reasons for signing

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