To: Jeffery Smisek, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Airlines

United Airlines- Stop Carriage of Shark Fins

The shark fin trade is destroying shark populations world wide. Millions of shark fins come from unreported, unregulated or illegal fisheries, and many legal fisheries for shark fin contribute to the problem. United Airlines should demonstrate environmental stewardship in the USA by joining 24 other airlines to stop carrying shark fin as cargo.

Why is this important?

Shark populations are being overfished worldwide. The trade of shark fin in illegal, unregulated and unreported fisheries for the delicacy shark fin soup is causing shark populations to decline critically worldwide. The tons of shark fins transported as cargo into Hong Kong on United Airlines flights is directly leading to the endangerment of shark species and the marine environment in the Americas, Asia and beyond.


Reasons for signing

  • United is the last holdout. They need to be an example of industry self-regulation and join the rest of the civilized world on this ban.
  • Just do something GOOD for a change
  • Am a frequent flyer with United and take many people on scuba diving trips on the airline. All are totally against shark finning and any support of that industry