To: Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley University Librarian

Support UC Berkeley Librarians Win a Fair Contract!

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University Librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason: we, the undersigned UCB campus and community members, call on you to support UC-AFT librarians in achieving a fair contract.

Why is this important?

After more than four months of contract negotiations between UC-AFT Librarians and the University administration over the two open articles Salary, and Professional Activities and Development, the librarians are still waiting for a meaningful response to the union’s proposals. While UC Librarians make up to 27% LESS than their counterparts at CSU campuses, the UC offered a mere 1% salary increase. When UC librarians are increasingly being encouraged to demonstrate national prominence in their fields, the UC has offered no changes to Professional Development funding.

UC-AFT’s core demands include:
*Competitiveness: Librarians need salaries that are competitive with our colleagues in the California Community Colleges and California State University.
*Consistency: A minimum level of professional development funding for all librarians across the UC system.
*Compression: Librarian salary compression must be addressed by extending the scale.

21st-century scholarship means students and faculty need more and better services from professional librarians, but librarians are being asked to do more and more for less and less. In order for the UC to recruit and retain professional librarians, the UC needs to provide competitive salaries and professional development funding.

This is why we, the undersigned UCB campus and community members, call on you to support UC-AFT librarians in achieving a fair contract!


Reasons for signing

  • it is time to bring a decent healthy living to the public workforce since technology took over there has been to many salary and benefits cuts that are causing a national depression. I think for every dollar where management decides that technology will help save millions at least percentage should go back to the public workforce. otherwise technology will continue displacing the workforce.
  • UC needs to negotiate a fair contract
  • I am gorky and i approve this message on behalf of Clinton foundation.