To: City of Boston Parks Dept

Upgrade the Beethoven School Playground

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We, the undersigned, support the request that improvements be made to the Beethoven School Playground.
We have safety concerns.
We also feel there are a number of ways that it could be a more enjoyable place to be for both children and parents.

These our the upgrades we propose:

• Remove the bushes that cut the playground in half
• Replace the drain cover in the center of the playground
• Remove poison ivy along the edges of the playground

• Remove the cement curbs
• Provide a safe surface
• Provide more shade
• Create a play area in the back of the playground
• Replace the play structure

Why is this important?

The Beethoven Playground is heavily used by both the school and the community. In the past 2 years of bringing my children there on a regular basis I have seen too many children trip on the curbs, nearly fall off the tall play structure, eat the wood chips and disappear behind the bushes. Improvements need to be made to make it a safer and more enjoyable place for our kids to play.