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To: Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Urge Google to Stop Collecting and Retaining All Location Data

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade – representing a dangerous assault on Americans’ liberty and privacy. The reality many now face is their digital footprint could be weaponized by right-wing state governments to prosecute those seeking reproductive care.

For example, Google currently collects and retains user location data, which can be easily acquired by right-wing state governments to identify people seeking abortions. And while Google recently announced they will automatically delete the location data of users who visit "particularly personal" locations – including abortion clinics – this is inadequate to fully protect one’s privacy. Such a gap in one’s location data from Google could for instance be used as evidence by right-wing state governments to prosecute those visiting abortion clinics.

No one should be tracked and targeted for exercising their personal health decisions. Google must delete all users’ location data to ensure the safety and privacy of those seeking reproductive health care.

Why is this important?

Big Tech companies have massive stockpiles of intimate user data that could be used to enforce laws criminalizing abortion. There’s no law or government requirement that Big Tech companies collect and keep records of its users’ data.

Other tech companies like Apple says “privacy is a fundamental human right” and does not collect user location data. Although Google has said they will delete user location data for those visiting abortions, it’s not clear how Google will identify these locations. Moreover, Google will not delete search requests automatically, putting the burden on users who want to protect themselves to have to do that themselves.

Google should prioritize privacy. Join us in demanding Google delete users’ location data that could be used by state governments to prosecute those seeking reproductive health care.

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