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To: President Joe Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer

Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his position on Build Back Better

Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his position on Build Back Better

To: President Biden and Leader Schumer.
Build Back Better is supposed to be your signature piece of legislation that directly allocates money to combat climate change, free childcare, extend the Child Tax Credit, lower drug prices, raise taxes for the rich and lower taxes for the middle class, and provide paid family leave. We need every Senate Democrat to support this bill since Republicans are unanimously opposed to it.

Why is this important?

Many young people, like me, are impacted by climate change. They believe Biden is not doing enough to address the issue, but I blame Republicans since they are the ones stalling Biden's agenda throughout much of last year. We need to urge Republicans to join Democrats in passing a mammoth spending bill that will help save our planet, help our working families, and get our lives back to normal since we are in the middle of a pandemic. Republicans should drop their partisan rhetoric about the bill, and start thinking about the lives of their constituents, including myself and my family, and my community.



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