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U.S. Leaders: time to fully fund Ecosystem Restoration nationwide

On March 1, 2019, the U.N. launched a new initiative called Decade
of Ecosystem Restoration for Action through 2030. It points out that only 2.5% funding out of the necessary funding goes to this restoration currently, worldwide. This correlates to our warming planet, and science indicates restoration would reduce, if not significantly resolve, our current climate threat.

Why is this important?

This initiative should activate bipartisan support both in Congress and in all 50 states.

As the lawsuit Juliana Vs United States is on the cusp of its opening trial, in June 2019, all efforts should be moving forward to provide a livable planet for the 21 plaintiffs, age 11 through 22, and their generation. See for details on this lawsuit that provides a legal underpinning for the green new deal.

Leading U.S. climate scientist James Hansen calls for this action as well. It provides a unifying effort worldwide, to draw down carbon out of the atmosphere, putting it back where it belongs - back in the ground.

This action would begin the necessary action to begin cooling our stressed planet, and all stressed living forms on it.

Clearly, action is still necessary to ensure fossil fuel (including pesticides) does not continue to add to the dangerous levels already in the atmosphere, which have now hit 413 parts per million of atmospheric carbon. World climate scientists agree that getting back to 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon would stabilize our planet (where we were in 1990), ensuring it is a livable one.

U.S. leaders: We need your boldness now on this urgent issue.

UPDATE: Oct 7, 2019 was declared HALF EARTH DAY 2019, by the E.O. Wilson Foundation, which is acting on similar efforts that the UN initiative is challenging world governments to act on.

Here is the website to see more details of this HALF EARTH effort -


Reasons for signing

  • Going 100% on funding our national ecosystems has SCIENCE-BASED support for cooling our planet. Let's do this!