To: Rep. Ron Kind (WI-3)

U.S. Representative Ron Kind: Denounce New Democratic Coalition's attacks on progressives

The New Democratic Coalition, a group of pro-Wall Street Democrats who support parts of the corporate agenda like allowing banks to speculate with people's money and free trade agreements to ship American jobs overseas, recently launched attacks on progressives for supporting pro-consumer and pro-middle class ideals.

The leader of the New Democratic Coalition is Ron Kind, a Democratic U.S. Representative from Wisconsin. It's time to tell Congressman Kind to denounce his organization's War on Progressives.

Why is this important?

Numerous members of the New Democratic Coalition, an organization of pro-Wall Street and anti-middle class Democrats led by U.S. Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin, recently launched attacks on progressive Democrats for opposing legislation to repeal many of the regulations in the Dodd-Frank bill that were designed to protect consumers who use our country's financial institutions.

The New Democratic Coalition is one of the most influential organizations that compromise the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party. The New Democratic Coalition supports much of the same corporate agenda that the Republicans do, most notably deregulating Wall Street to put American consumers at the mercy of predatory banks even moreso than they are now and enacting free trade agreements to drive down wages, ship American jobs to foreign countries, and further destroy what little of our country's economic sovereignty remains.

The fact that New Democratic Coalition members are openly attacking progressive-minded, pro-middle class Members of Congress for standing up for the American worker and consumer proves that they are more interested in dividing the party and serving special interests than making America a better place to live.

Since U.S. Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin is the Chairman of the New Democratic Coalition, it is his responsibility to denounce the divisive attacks on progressives from the members of his group. We, the signatories of this petition, are calling for Representative Kind to publicly denounce the New Democratic Coalition's War on Progressives.