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To: UR Mendoza Jaddou, Director of USCIS, Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the DHS, President Joseph Biden, Peter Buttigieg, Secretary of transportation

USCIS needs to issue work permits and federal IDs to all asylum seekers immediately

USCIS needs to issue work permits and federal IDs to all asylum seekers immediately

It is imperative that people entering this country seeking asylum be issue a work permit within 30 days after entering the country. They also need to have a federal ID to protect them from the police, ICE and to allow them to access public libraries and other helpful amenities. A work permit allows them to be self supporting as they pursue their asylum application. This removes the burden on friends and family as well as NGOS. Other countries, such as Canada allow quick work permits. People need to be involved in living and contributing to our country. They wish to work and with deaths from covid 19 we need them to contribute. Some states have encourage immigration as they have an aging population who needs new tax payers. Please make this a one page document and release them in safety with an ID.

Why is this important?

Please join my campaign as I work with close to 1000 immigrants who struggle and are suffering at a time when they could be contributing adding to the economy. With a federal ID they can access classes and computers at the libraries. They can feel safe on the streets. Please understand that this would radically change lives.


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