To: Kanawha County School Board

Kanawha County Board of Education: Provide safe bottled water to students for the remainder of th...

Kanawha County Schools: Use bottled water in our schools for the remainder of the school year. We, as parents, are concerned about the safety of our children in regards to the use of tap water in the schools. For the remainder of the school year, we suggest that all Kanawha County Schools in West Virginia use only bottled water for all needs other than flushing the toilets.

Why is this important?

On January 9, more than 7,000 gallons of the chemical known as 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) leaked into Charleston, West Virginia's water supply that has left about 300,000 people in the area unable to drink or bathe in their water. Freedom Industries later told regulators that another chemical known as PPH -- was part of the leak.
Since then, people are still going to the hospital because of issues from using the water- schools are still being closed because the water is not safe.

Update 2/6/14- Five Kanawha County schools have closed early (2 on 5th, 3 on 6th) for the chemical smell being in the school and making children, teachers and staff ill. One child and one teacher were transported to the hospital and one cook was treated by an ambulance but not transported. Children were allowed back in schools on the 7th- even after parents made known their outrage and even protested.

UPDATE 2/20/14
The petition has been printed and is currently getting packaged for delivery to the Kanawha County Board of Education. The petition will be delivered on Friday, 2/21/14 by myself, Jana Goodall. I will update everyone again once I get a response.


Reasons for signing

  • I Hate Students, Get them out of the school for The rest of the week, I will kill you all as a zombie students.
  • I think as a parent kanawha county should give bottles of water to students twice a day you want helathy snack and luches i think the board should provided free water for student some cannot afford to pay for the bottle water but should still be aloud to receive some kids are not as fortunate as others. And that is my opinion
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