To: Board of Trustees, Utah Transit Authority

Utah Transit Authority: Expand service hours.

It simply makes sense that UTA should bring back its late night bus and TRAX service.

Why is this important?

Late night transit enables more consumers and workers to participate in Utah’s growing economy, dollar for dollar. Buses and trains running a late schedule reduce risk to those who work late night and early morning shifts, preventing them from having to walk for hours down darkened streets and providing them with a small improvement in their quality of life. Low income individuals often work irregular schedules and are the most loyal customers of UTA. Based on that, their demand for late night services should be met. Equally important is how late night transit (directly or indirectly) reduces the number of alcohol related accidents and injuries in the state. In the past year, UTA has seen an increase in ridership and it is time to take the next step in reinvigorating UTA's ridership. While it is up to the discretion of the UTA board how funds are allocated and spent, we believe future revenues should be focused on reestablishing regular late night ridership on a consistent schedule.