To: David Ward, UW-Madison Chancellor

UW-Madison Chancellor Ward Said What?

Your recent comments to UW-Madison students were wrong, especially following the Workers’ Rights Consortium (WRC) report showing workers were retaliated against and some were illegally fired.

As an affiliate of the WRC, you are obligated to make sure your contractors are following proper standards to protect workers. It’s time for you to stand up to Palermo’s anti-worker behavior and to cut contracts with the company until management reinstates fired workers and recognizes the union.

Why is this important?

Students at UW-Madison union have been calling on UW-Madison administration to cut the university’s contracts with the company.

When students asked UW-Madison Chancellor David Ward if he'd stand up for workers' rights and for my co-workers and I, he told them that he would not support “these workers, not today.”

Ward’s comments are terrible and they also ignore recommendations from the the UW-Madison Labor Licensing Policy Committee and a recent report from the Workers’ Rights Consortium—an organization UW-Madison is affiliated with—that found Palermo’s Pizza violated labor law, retaliated against us for trying to form a union and illegally fired workers.

Tell UW-Madison Chancellor David Ward you won’t tolerate his comments.