To: Valencia County Planning and Zoning Commission

Valencia County Speedway

VCS is petitioning for a zone change to allow the construction of a new dirt track to be built on hwy 6 ten miles west of the I-25. We need to show community support for this project.

Why is this important?

Many of us grew up near a local motorsports arena of one sort or another. We had parents, or other authority figures, in our lives that directed us toward becoming involved in motorsports as a way to keep us out of mischief and trouble. As unexpected benefits of our involvement with racing, we learned many life-long skills like responsibility, time management, and money management. We also learned fabrication skills, and vehicle repair and maintenance skills. Also, we were held to a higher standard in our academic performance. If we didn’t do well in school, we didn’t race. I dare say that countless high school careers were salvaged as a result of the desire to race. Racing requires discipline and dedication. A person only gets out of his/her racing experience what he/she puts into it. The work ethic achieved from successful racing carries over to daily life and makes for a well-rounded individual. Many of us have grown up to become involved in the automotive industry as a result of the years of our youth developing these skills. Some of us developed professional careers in motorsport from our grassroots racing experience.

Unfortunately, the youth of Valencia County do not have this opportunity. Our children grow up in this community with very little to keep their minds, and hands, occupied. Aside from school sports, our youth have too much time and not enough local activities to keep them on the straight and narrow path. Valencia County needs more activities, like motorsports, to give our children the best start possible in life. Far too many of our young people get involved in drug use, or other illegal activities, as a result of boredom. The Valencia County Speedway will help keep our children on the right track!

Before Valencia County Speedway can become a reality, a zoning change must be approved. The proposed site for the speedway is 10 miles West of I-25 off of State Highway 6.

Please know that the proposed speedway is not a business venture. It is simply an endeavor to provide services to this community. The proposed speedway will host family-oriented events. Alcohol possession and consumption will not be permitted at the facilities. The proposed events will be on Saturday afternoon/evenings during the late-Spring and summer months. As such, there will likely be some use of lighting for the track surface and the track facilities. However, any lighting used will be facing toward the ground, not toward the night sky. The use of lights at night will be minimal and will not have any significant impact to the surrounding area given the topography of the land and the positioning of the lights. As with any motorsports activity, there will be some amount of noise generated but, as with the lighting, the noise will not be significant to the surrounding inhabitants of the area. The amount of dust generated by any activities at the site will be minimal as the entrance road and facilities will be outfitted with crusher fines and the track surface will be packed clay.

A very high percentage of racing participants are Valencia County residents. For too long, these local motorsports enthusiasts and their families, and friends, have been forced to travel to other cities in New Mexico, and other states, to pursue their racing ambitions. These people take their money with them as they travel elsewhere to pursue their passion. That money can stay in Valencia County, and further benefit the citizens of Valencia County, if the Valencia County Speedway is built.

It goes without saying that the construction of any facility changes the land but, in this instance, the benefits derived by the citizens of Valencia County far surpass any disadvantage involved with the construction of the facility. Please show your support to have our own local motorsports facility.