To: Brian J. Conway, Chairman, TA Associates

Vatterott College: Reinstate Brian Carroll

Immediately reverse your decision to fire Brian Carroll as campus president, and give him a raise.

Why is this important?

On the night of January 6, when temperatures were below zero, Brian Carroll saved a homeless Vatterott student's life by providing him shelter in the campus library. The student had run out of his medication, and Carroll knew that if he did nothing, the student would likely die of exposure if he didn't get indoors during an ice storm that was hitting the Kansas City area.

Vatterott's corpporate owners, TA Associates, fired Carroll as a direct result of his action that likely prevented this student from dying of hypothermia. Even though the student didn't damage the library or its property, and only stayed overnight, TA Associates refused to simply issue a disciplinary mark against Carroll and instead fired him outright.

The world needs more compassionate people like Brian Carroll in positions of leadership, not less. This petition demands TA Associates not only give Carroll his job back, but raise his salary for his compassionate action that likely saved a student's life.


Reasons for signing

  • He was only looking out for the safety of a student! Reinstate him!
  • He acting with compassion - where is yours???
  • As a school administrator, he may have had better alternatives, such as taking the student to a shelter. But given the stated mental health of the student, that may not have been an option. Disciplinary action perhaps, but not a loss of his job. He will get his position back!