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To: Senator Joe Manchin

Veterans to Manchin: We Need Clean Energy Now

As veterans of America's armed forces, we've seen firsthand how dictators like Vladimir Putin use oil and gas as political weapons. This also makes it easier for oil and gas CEOs to price gouge the American people while gaining major profits from stock buybacks.

Real energy independence is only possible if we break free from oil and gas, crack down on price gouging, and invest in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy. But to do this Congress and the Biden administration must quickly invest in manufacturing and deployment of wind, solar, electric vehicles, geothermal, batteries, and other clean energy technology.

Why is this important?

When we were called to serve and protect our nation, we showed up. Congress: the American people are now calling on you for action. It's time to deliver real clean energy security that takes the power back from hostile dictators and greedy corporations.



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