To: Mike Edmonds, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students

Vice President Edmonds: Let Sam Stay

Change the imposed sanctions on Sam Steuart so as to let him stay at Colorado College.

Why is this important?

I was suspended from Colorado College for the entirety of the first semester due to a physical altercation I got in with Forest, a fellow CC student. Although I understand the necessity for punitive measures in a case where the Student Code of Conduct has been broken, I feel that this punishment effects my parents much more than me, as they are paying for my tuition and will forfeit what they have already paid for this semester. Therefore I am asking Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students Mike Edmonds to grant me an appeal and consider other sanctions, including, but not limited too, a move to the non-violence or substance free LLC, mandatory drug testing, anger management counseling and community service. Please stand with me by signing your name and CC email to uphold our communities value of fairness.
Thank you


Reasons for signing

  • let sam stay
  • I think he should be given a second chance to redeem himself.
  • Keep Sam at CC!