To: President Donald Trump


We the People of the United States of America Demand that President Obama stand down and resign from the office of U.S. president for
Misconduct and damages to the people of the united states.
Violating our constitution and other founding documents.
Miss use of government power with respect to - Taxation without representation,
Refusing to properly close and secure U.S. borders.
Condoning the murder of young Americans in the form of abortions.
Meddling in every facet of our schools education system.
Refusing to carry out the oath he took when sworn in.
Forcing the American people to purchase a health care product under the penalty of law.
Funding of terrorist groups with tax payer dollars.

Why is this important?

To impeach and or vote out all elected officials connected with passing and supporting a Marxist and socialist agenda for those legal citizens living in this free republic called America,