To: The United States Senate

Virginia: Tell Your Senators to Pass the Constitutional Amendment Overturning the Democracy-Killi...

To preserve our democracy and uphold the First Amendment, I urge you to vote in favor of a constitutional amendment overturning botched Supreme Court rulings like 'Citizens United' and 'McCutcheon' that allow billionaires and Big Business to spend essentially unlimited amounts of money, much of it in secret, distorting elections.

Why is this important?

Corporations are not people.

Writing a check is not speech.

And the Founding Fathers never intended the First Amendment to permit the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations to take over our elections.

This summer, the Senate will vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn 'Citizens United' and 'McCutcheon' -- the overreaching Supreme Court rulings that allow billionaires and Big Business to spend virtually as much money as they want, much of it undisclosed, trying to install candidates of their choosing in office.

With these disastrous rulings, the Supreme Court shredded long-standing, commonsense policies that defend our democratic ideals from a plutocratic invasion. And it made a mockery of First Amendment protections that were meant for actual, everyday Americans.

The only way we can preserve our democracy and prevent turning the First Amendment upside down is by passing a constitutional amendment that restores the ability of We the People to do something about the problem of money in politics.

Make sure your senators know that you are counting on them to take a stand for democracy when they vote this summer.