To: Visa

Visa: Help stop the next mass shooting

In the last decade, more than half of the deadliest shootings were financed with credit cards. Credit card companies like Visa have the power to stop mass shootings before they start. One simple change -- reporting excessive, erratic gun and ammo purchases to law enforcement -- could save hundreds of lives.

Tell Visa: Do your part to end the bloodshed. Report red flag purchases linked to mass shootings.

Why is this important?

Content warning: Gun violence.

Shooters often spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on guns and ammo in the lead-up to their crimes — wildly unusual behavior that would be easy for Visa’s sophisticated software to spot.

And while credit card CEOs claim it’s not their job to flag customer purchases, the facts don’t back that up. Visa already reports big-ticket transactions with suspected links to fraud, money laundering, terrorism, and other crimes. It would be simple to add mass shootings to that list.

If you’ve ever gotten a fraud alert from your credit card then you already know how easy it is for credit card companies to spot and investigate suspicious activity.

You’ve already shown that you have the power to make companies cut ties with the gun industry. PayPal and Apple Pay block gun sales on their platforms, and United, Hertz, and countless others have ended their NRA discounts. Now you can push Visa to save lives too.

Together we can send a powerful message to Visa: Commit to reporting mass shooters’ deadly transactions.


Reasons for signing

  • This is a great weapon against mass shootings. Easy to do and show Congress, NRA and law abiding folks you have a heart, a mind and morals.
  • I have to show a picture ID -- which is sent to some govt agency, or kept on file -- just to buy Sudafed! Certainly, government/law enforcement agencies should be notified when someone buys unusual or excessive gun purchases. I am asking you, Visa, as one of your card holders, to take action with this simple procedure which would save thousands of lives every year, especially those of our children.
  • As humans we already leave this planet through illnesses, suicides, unpreventable accidents, and accidental deaths to name some of the circumstances. But avoidable murders and even accidental deaths by gun owners and borrowers IS something we can do something about. Help us save fellow human beings, especially our children. Thank you.