To: Frank Barbieri

Vote No To August 10th School Date Start For The 2020/2021 School Year In Palm Beach County!!!!!!

I am writing to you today to make sure you are aware of the proposed school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year in Palm Beach County. There will be a vote next week at the board meeting about having the first day of school begin on Monday, August 10th. This is the earliest start date I have personally ever seen. No matter what your summer plans, many of the parents and teachers I have spoken to are all complaining that this is way to early. Northern summer sleep-away camps are still in session during this time, people travel out of the country to see their families who live abroad during this time, children participate in cultural and educational experiences that will have not finished by then, the weather is too hot for most of August to have our children go outside for recess, the district busses air conditioning doesn’t always work; these are many of the reasons why people are upset about the proposed plan.

We feel having a later start date and ending the school year in June would be much more accommodating and a better experience for all. We can only make our voices heard if everyone emails [email protected] and I have emailed school board member Frank Barbieri [email protected] as well to protest this proposed plan ASAP.

Please see the article attached that brought this to our attention.

Why is this important?

This is to voice our concern with such an early start date to the school year!!!