To: Walter G. Ehmer, Waffle House President and CEO

Waffle House: We're done with you and these racist attacks

You need to go out of your way to address the brutality people are experiencing in your establishment. Until then, we're done with you. There's no excuse for these racist attacks.

Why is this important?

Listen to me. I wanna be clear on something. I'm done with Waffle House.

I know many other people including Bernice King—CEO of The King Center and MLK Jr.'s daughter—who are sickened by the attacks against Black folks.

Chikesia Clemons had the police called on her in Alabama. When they showed up they threatened to break her arm, exposed her breasts, and grabbed her by the throat.

A police officer grabbed Anthony Wall by the throat in North Carolina. Anthony was on his way home from prom where he'd accompanied his young sister.

This is just a glimpse into multiple incidents of racial discrimination at Waffle House. Something's very wrong there, and we must not support such a business.

Join us. Sign the petition. #BoycottWaffleHouse


Reasons for signing

  • Will not stand up for it
  • It's time people stop spending their hard-earned money at this racist establishment Waffle House is a degenerate disgusting hateful racist Corporation they should be put out of business
  • This is just another reminder for conscious Blacks to get the hell out of the "United Snakes of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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