To: NSA Director Keith Alexander

Wait, The NSA Thinks Its Rights Have Been Violated?

Stop attacking Americans who are exercising their First Amendment right to parody your massive domestic spying operation.

Why is this important?

If you’re going to secretly spy on millions of American citizens, you should probably learn to live with some criticism once your operation is exposed.

But the National Security Agency — despite conducting a massive, unprecedented, and possibly unconstitutional domestic espionage operation where it monitors the phone calls and emails of most of the American people — is bent out of shape over a T-shirt.

You read that right.

The NSA has forced an entrepreneur in Minnesota to stop selling T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and other products featuring a design that adds the parody slogan “Spying On You Since 1952” to the agency’s official seal.

Apparently, the NSA — which may well be snooping on you right now — thinks a parody T-shirt will be the thing that damages its reputation.

The First Amendment clearly allows for this kind of “fair use” of logos associated with federal government agencies.

It is the NSA, and its extensive spying on the American people, that may be in violation of the Bill of Rights.

Sign the petition to tell the NSA to stop harassing Americans who are exercising their constitutional rights.