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To: One America News Network, Herring Networks

Get OAN out of San Diego

We are seeking to evict OAN networks from San Diego, America's Finest City, as they are a detriment to fair reporting and corrosive to our society. Please help put pressure on Herring Networks, and the building owners of 4657 Morena Blvd. San Diego

Why is this important?

OAN frequently runs erroneous and conspiratorial editorials and news stories. They have been rated by All Sides Media as "Low" in terms of confidence in their reporting. They recently aired a story that claimed the 75 year old protester from Buffalo New York was an agent of Antifa, and worked with China. Both claims are false and yet the President still retweeted these claims. He is a big fan of OAN and it is easy to see why when they run sycophantic and adoring stories of his more base and abhorrent actions and policies. It is time to get them out of America's finest city and send them looking for a home.



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