To: Daniel Snyder, Owner, Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins: It's Time to Change the Name

Change the derogatory name of the Washington football team.

Why is this important?

The name "Washington Redskins" is racially derogatory and has no place in today's culture. For decades, Native Americans have asked the team to choose a different name, and in recent years the movement has gained momentum as major media outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle and Slate Magazine have decided to stop using the term, as has award-winning Sports Illustrated NFL writer Peter King.

This week, the Major League Baseball team, Cleveland Indians, announced that they will remove their own racially derogatory logo from it's uniform.

The professional football team in Washington must recognize: it's time to change the name.


Reasons for signing

  • Washington DC racist
  • How is this still a thing?
  • Do the right thing please Mr. Snyder!

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