To: Daniel Snyder & the Front Office, Owners

Washington Redskins, please change your name!

Dear Redskins owners:

I've been a Redskins fan for a long time, but the name needs to be changed.
There is nothing wrong with the mascot. I think the picturesque image is something you can admire; but, the name has got to be changed.

I am suggesting any one of these names:
The Washington Conoy
The Washington Algonquians
The Washington Piscataway(s)

I kinda like Washington Conoy or Piscataway.

I believe the team can also use similar colors in a coordination that matches the tribes listed.

This would go a long way in PR, PR that'd be worth millions more than the cost to change the trademark. Plus, when the trademark is changed, you instantly create hundreds of millions in collectible content (don't forget what happened when the Rockies changed the position of the mountains and baseball in their logo - huge PR and Millions in sales). It would be a net business monetary gain on top of the PR gain.

The names above are just suggestions, and this petition is open to any other name, so please read the suggestions in the comments below.

Why is this important?

Please help me change the name of the Washington Redskins! Signing this petition doesn't mean you agree with the suggestions I give, it just means you agree the name needs to be changed. Please give your own suggestions if you do not agree with the ones listed in the petition.