To: President Donald Trump

We demand a better President!

Dear Mr President,

I want to remind you of your commitments and obligations you have made to the American people.

When you ran you said you would end the Bush wars. You have not. End them now. We are killing thousands innocent civilians and almost none of the estimated 50-100 terrorists. It is not moral to kill civilians. Please stop now.

When you ran you said you would close Guantanamo. You have not. There are prisons in the U.S. that will gladly hold these prisoners. We are under no risk of threat from Al-Qaeda. If they had the ability to attack us they would have. It has been 10 years. Do not use false threats as an excuse.

Health care reform was something we were supposed to get. We got a Republican health care which did not really change the health care debate or problem. We need actual comprehensive health care reform that is a single payer with 100% of population covered. We need to stop stop the unchecked raises of hospitals, doctors, insurance and big Pharma gives themselves. There is no actual competition in our system. We are expected to accept recommendations of our health care providers and not know costs or even if it is covered.

You spoke frequently about the need to purge the government of lobbyist influence. You didn't. You just created loopholes and lobbyists are still there. Get rid of them.

You promised to be more open and transparent than the previous administrations. You have not been. If anything you have been worse. Become transparent and while you are at it. Free Bradley manning he helped in the transparency of our nation.

Torture. We were supposed to stop torturing people...Remember? We have not stopped and continue to this day. I am sure you know we also rendition people to be tortured for us by other governments.

Mr President you said that you would let the Bush era tax cuts for the rich expire. You not only didn't but you extended them. You need to get rid of them and tax them at an even higher rate.

You need to do something to protect the citizens of this country. The good hard working individuals that got you elected. We need good jobs and not low wage entry level fast food restaurant jobs.

Protect the elderly, disabled, unemployed, under educated, those on social security, those on medicare, the weak, the homeless and the uninsured. Protect social security and medicare.

You can complain you don't have both houses all you want. You should have worked for us when you did have both houses. You didn't. You were lax, complacent and lazy.

You were far to willing to reach across to aisle and continually give the Republicans what they wanted without any reciprocation. I know you are not that stupid. So stop the nonsense and move your politics left. Exactly where they should have been all along.

You are my President. We expect and demand better from you!


Why is this important?

President Obama you made a lot of campaign promises that you've failed to live up to through no ones fault but your own. We expect more from you than you gave us.

I did not elect a right leaning centrist. I elected Obama on the promises of hope change and progress for a better future.