To: Democratic National Convention

Support a more progressive agenda for the DNC platform

The Democratic Party should adopt a bold, progressive platform at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia -- including opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Why is this important?

The DNC platform committee just released a draft version of the party platform and though it is the most progressive agenda ever, we need to push the party even further to realize the political revolution that Bernie's campaign sparked.

It's crucial we make our voices heard prior to the final convening in Orlando, where the draft will go before the entire platform committee.

This platform will have major implications for races at all levels of government across the country—and it’s one of our best tools for establishing our shared vision for the policies we push for and secure in the coming years.

We have, as Bernie Sanders calls it, "a very good start" but there is still more that needs to be added to the DNC platform. We need specific language against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and in support of universal health care, free public higher education, an end to fracking and a carbon tax to effectively address our human-caused climate crisis and an end to mass deportations.