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To: Town senate and the town

We need a skate park in southington Connecticut

Photo by shawn henry on Unsplash
The reason i think we need a skate park is because it will bring a safe and legal place for people to skateboard, scooter and bike and a place where they dont have to worry about cars or if the place they are at is trespassing or not or just the simple fact that there is no where to do these sports here, and also there is a big number of people in southington that skate but have no where to go so they have to go out of town to practice somewhere safe or they go in places that is a danger to not just them but other people passing by

Why is this important?

I think southington needs a skate park because it will give a place for the youth to go and spend some spare time and get out the house and get into new sports or get better at some skills they already knew and also it will bring some more business opportunities like someone can make a skate shop to support it and also the schools then can make a new club where they go to the skate park or something here are some other reasons a skate park will be a good idea
1-Physical Exercise: Skateboarding provides an active and engaging form of physical exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping combat issues like childhood obesity.
2-Increased Foot Traffic: A skatepark can attract a diverse crowd, including families and youth, leading to increased foot traffic around the area. This can benefit local businesses by potentially translating into more customers.
Increased Property Values: Well-maintained skateparks have been associated with an increase in property values in surrounding areas, benefiting businesses with higher property values.

3-Event Hosting: Businesses can explore hosting events or promotions in collaboration with the skatepark, creating opportunities for increased sales and customer engagement during special occasions or Competitions
4-Positive Community Relations:
Supporting a skatepark demonstrates a commitment to community development, enhancing the business's reputation and potentially fostering positive relations with local residents.

5-Social Interaction: Skateparks create a social hub where kids and teens can gather, make friends, and build a sense of community, fostering positive social interactions.
Skill Development: Skateboarding encourages skill development, perseverance, and goal-setting as individuals work towards mastering various tricks and techniques.

How it will be delivered

By posting online and sending to people i know and talking to people about it and showing them it and also having them show it around



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