To: Mitch Daniels, Former Governor of Indiana; President of Purdue University and Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education

We Need Answers Now: How Far Did Indiana Go To Ban Howard Zinn books?

We demand to know whether Indiana's Commissioner for Higher Education, Teresa Lubbers, did or did not carry out the plan by Governor Daniels to ensure Howard Zinn's books were "not in use anywhere in Indiana" and that it "should not be accepted for any credit by the state." The emails released by the Associated Press clearly indicate a plan to review university courses throughout the state - Hoosiers, and Americans everywhere concerned about political intimidation and McCarthyist round-ups, deserve answers.

Why is this important?

Mitch Daniels was a high-ranking Bush administration official and Governor of Indiana - and it's just come out that while Governor he emailed his state's Commissioner for HIgher Education, Teresa Lubbers, demanding that she attempt to purge books by the massively influential historian Howard Zinn from education courses because he didn't like Zinn's political views. We need answers on how far it went.

Having a Governor personally intervene to deny credit for studying an academic he or she didn't like is disturbing enough - what makes it even worse is Daniels just became President of Purdue University, one of the most important research universities in the United States.