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To: President Biden

We need diplomacy and de-escalation with Russia!

We need diplomacy and de-escalation with Russia. Please continue to work through diplomatic channels and do all you can do avoid war in Ukraine.

Why is this important?

The possibility of war in Ukraine is terrifying. Tens of thousands of deaths estimated in the first few days of fighting. Massive economic warfare with the potential to trigger a global economic meltdown. And, in the worst case scenario: Russia and the United States stumbling into a nuclear war with nearly unimaginable consequences.

In moments like this it’s easy to feel helpless, especially when everywhere you turn Washington’s war caucus is seemingly chomping at the bit for war. But that’s where we come in. In the days ahead, as President Biden is debating his next steps, we need to make sure that the loudest voices he hears are a deafening demand for continued diplomacy and de-escalation.




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